Notes on Walking

Walking is alive

Walking is a jive

Walking creates

New impressions

Walking washes

Away transgressions

Walking is thinking

Walking is drinking

Walking is not caring

Walking is repairing

Walking is liberating

Most exhilarating

Walking frees the mind

Walking is most kind

Walking is a fillip

Walking lifts the spirit

Walking energises

And always surprises


Walking hits the senses

Walking freshly cleanses

Walking is refinement

It needs no confinement

Walking releases good chi

Helpful with some tea

Walking expands the self

No need for tawdry pelf

Walking is reality

Walking is vitality

Walking is a dream

Walking lets you scream

Walking is a passion

With its own steady fashion

Walking is a slow dance

Kindling the eager branch

Walking is a wonder

The opposite of slumber


Walking is motion

Exuding sweet emotions

Walking is an essence

A heady, creative presence

Walking is a journey

That needs no attorney

Walking is humane

Walking counters pain

Walking is an antidote

Walking helps to scope

Walking is observing

Walking is forever learning

Walking is a quest

Ready to be blessed

Walking is a song

Soothing every wrong



Walking stirs the soul

Walking fills the hole

Walking fires the heart

Walking is the part

Walking is solitary

Walking is exploratory

Walking is communion

Walking is reunion

Walking is a spur

Walking makes one purr

Walking is bliss

Walking is a kiss

Walking is a jive

Walking is alive




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