One of my favourite poems is Leisure by W.H.Davies. It is a poem that celebrates the importance of observation, contemplation, savouring the beauty of what is around you and living in the present. It could be argued that these qualities are more important than ever in a world that is often fragmented and difficult to comprehend. The poem I have written is in homage.




What a life if, full of worry

we rush around in a hurry.


Rush around, a life most busy,

time’s precious, it makes you dizzy.


Rush around, without time to think,

all those great deals sealed with a drink.


Rush around, there’s no time to stop

not even for sleep, be a flop.


Rush around, in search of some luck,

keen to please and not a lame duck.


Rush around, it’s that special high

that folks of leisure crucify.


A great life this, full of worry,

we rush around in a hurry.




Filed under Poetry, Thoughts

2 responses to “Fulfilment

  1. Love this poem and with words so true!
    Thanks for sharing,

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