You are Divine

You are divine,

finer than wine;

When the rain pours

your presence roars.


Take this sweet peach

onto the beach,

feast on the fruit

scare off the brute.


Admire the sea,

just let it be;

dance in the waves

warmed by the rays.


Your eyes sparkle,

make me startle;

lighting the night

a stellar sight.


In you there’s truth,

fountain of youth

offering calm,

scent of a balm.


These words I give

the world outlives;

while there’s still time,

jive and let’s chime.


I bow down low

heeding the tow,

the joy of you

lifts me from rue.


The dreams we share,

beauty most rare;

Enthralled by this,

Sealed with a kiss.


Morning comes round,

glorious sound

of birds in tune,

love is a boon.


Laughter flows forth

ill winds go north;

kinder than wine

you are divine.


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