River of life,

Streams that gleam;

In your crystalline purity

Cleansing me whole,

When we meet

Peace prevails.


Torrents of joy

Coursing through veins,


Cold to taste

On the tip of my tongue,

Drinking in lungfuls.


Flushing the body

Of impurities,

Unfreezing the mind;

Beneath the falls,

Knotted shoulders



From the mountaintop,

Ribbon of silver glinting

Like an invitation,

Rich with promise;

Water you flow

A potent undertow.



An echo of rest;

Desire springs in the crash,

Lust in the ocean

Glory in the song

You sing.


Water, I offer

Words that burble,

You give me this:

Limpid currents


Fresh dreams.


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Filed under Nature, Poetry

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