These Words

I text you these words

hopeful like the birds,

finding a new world

tenderly unfurled.


Whether they hit home,

the weight of a stone,

or dance in the air

timeless with no pair.


The puzzle is such

truth is beyond touch;

kisses carry strength,

soothing pains that wrench.


To be a chancer

when there’s an answer,

in the spring of life

scything down wild strife.


A dear thing is hope

on life’s tricky slope,

that across wide skies

love leaps as it flies.




Filed under Poetry, Thoughts

3 responses to “These Words

  1. iamatticusfinch

    LIKE! I am new to poetry publishing in wordpress and i have a problem in line breaks (please see this: ). Can you help me with this? thanks!

    • Thanks for your kind words and hope you like the blog. Re line breaks, have you tried copy/paste from Word? This seems to work for me (WordPress can sometimes be a bit temperamental). I am no expert though!

      • iamatticusfinch

        Sure! I love poems! I hope you also like my blog. Yes it is lifted from Word, yet it ain’t cooperating. Have you reads my poem?

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