Haiku Manifesto

Haiku are short poems

Haiku are like water, cleansing

Haiku purify the soul

Haiku are concrete

Haiku evoke nature

Haiku evoke love

Haiku evoke all sorts of things

Haiku can be impressionistic

Haiku are realistic

Haiku are like pearls

Haiku are evanescent

Haiku are timeless

Haiku can be written on the back of receipts  

Haiku are not receipts

Haiku enchant

Haiku suggest less is more

Haiku leave you wanting more

Haiku are snapshots of the mind attempting to make sense of the infinite

Haiku are faithful

Haiku are like beacons, shining a light on the dark matter of life

Haiku are vital

Haiku like you

Haiku embody life

Haiku love ideals

Haiku embrace the everyday

Haiku go well with tea

Haiku go well with wine

Haiku go well with the moon

Haiku illuminate

Haiku allow you to ruminate

Haiku console

Haiku capture exquisite moments

Haiku uplift

Haiku go with the flow

Haiku capture beauty

Haiku capture sorrow

Haiku elicit joy

Haiku distil life

I have put together a collection of haiku called Haiku on Love. I hope to publish a couple more collections in the future, on Nature and Life. Writing haiku is incredibly liberating and, like living, I guess it is as much about the process as the end result. Haiku are mental snapshots and the beauty of the form is that one never stops learning – from practitioners such as Matsuo Basho, Kobayashi Issa and  Masaoka Shiki –  and marvelling at the incredible mysteries of existence.


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