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Take this hand

My pretty lady,

The world is spinning

And the urge is whirling

To cover the dance floor

With fleet-footed steps.

I can’t promise

What comes next,

When so much of what

I know from years observing

Is free-form at best.


So, just go with the flow

And who knows,

This foxtrot might just –

Grace permitting –

End up being,

With a touch of panache

And a pinch of pizzazz,

A rather touching prance

Or perchance a new kind of

Syncopated dance.


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At The Game

Anfield, Home of Liverpool F.C.



The pulse of the game

The clamour of crowds

The thrill of neat skill

It is this we come for


The throb of the chant

The hush of the lull

The roars that soar

It is this we come for


The crash of the seats

The stomp of the feet

The joy that flows

It is this we come for


The glow of the goal

The tingle like love

The prospect of more

It is this we come for


It is this we come for.

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May the spirit of grace move in you,

See these letters glisten the dew;

From tender scars come words of love,

Absorb the pith and be my dove.


Too long have thoughts drifted unsaid

And eddies ravished the storm-tossed head;

I give my vow, a naked gift

Stripped to the core, be my uplift.


Gloom sinks low when I think of thee,

A lucid light on the wide sea;

Road unrolls to the beat of time

Your hand in mine, be my sweet rhyme.


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Impish spirit,

It torments us

Roaring gentleness

That changes

With the weather

Of our moods.


Sharpened by words

Lifted by the unexpected

Softened by love;

We are mere feathers

At the mercy

Of mankind’s whim.


Happiness arrives,

Not pre-ordained

But, like love unasked,

A sudden surprise.

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