How Beautiful This World

How beautiful this world

It exists

for us

To thrive

And share love


How beautiful this world

Ever spinning

Of stories


Marvellous deeds


How beautiful this world


With passion

That kindles

The night


How beautiful this world

Beating with action

Wide smiles

And the hope in

Fresh dawns


How beautiful this world

The kindness of strangers

Warmth of friends

Keeping the soul



How beautiful this world


It presents

A prospect

Of joy


How beautiful this world

Giving and learning

Palace of wonders

Love’s limpid streams

Flow on and on


How beautiful this world

For everyone

Love, stories

Passion, action,

Kindness, joy





How beautiful this world.




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4 responses to “How Beautiful This World

  1. I love these kind of poems, about the beauty of the world. These kind of poems are filled with optimism and love that I always want to be surrounded by.

  2. Thank you for your kind words Arwa. I do believe that, as Rumi said, “beauty surrounds us”. Mankind sometimes does a pretty good job in wanting to destroy this beauty; I feel that it is pretty resilient and, more often than not, prevails. To keep the sun in one’s heart is a wonderful thing.

  3. I was just writing a blog post along these lines! (coming soon) – ‘beauty surrounds us’, Perfect and true of this poem too.

  4. Thanks, look forward to reading it! The simplicity of this statement by Rumi never fails to enchant.

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