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Tea and Cake My Dear?


Here is a triolet from before in celebration of tea and some more thoughts on its restorative properties.



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The soul travels

On the open road

Mind ever alert

On the lookout

For fresh sensations


The body travels

On the open road

Dreaming schemes

Green and keen

Like a runner bean


The heart travels

On the open road

Threading body and

Soul with a light

Beating on and on


Soul and Body

Mind and Heart

All play a part

Loyal and smart

Feeding the flame

On the open road


All play a part

Wheeling the spirit

On the open road.

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I picture you

Crowned in light

Where we unshed

The mask of fear

And unleash the

Animal inside


I dream of you

Ablaze and lithe

With carnal desire

This I cannot deny

An urge that drives

Sorrow outside


I think of you

The way we connect

Mind to mind

Kindness unsheathed

What I long for?

Your tenderness


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Night Fever

Stifled by hot desire

I stagger drunkenly

To the window


By Love’s heavy



Letting in the wind

Fanning the thickened


Body unhinged

By fever’s scalding



I give thanks for


Glittering presence.



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