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Just you, the sky

And some liquor

Abundance flows

Like a river


Just you, the sun

And the flowers

Beauty falls

Like a shower


Just you, the sea

And fresh tea

Contentment spreads

Like the dew


Just you, the hills

And the views

Desire fills

Like a pool


Just you, kisses

And this heart

Ecstasy pours

In a flood.


Just you, bed

And love’s match

Fire flames

In a torrent


Just you, words

And a song

Gratitude floats

On an ocean.



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Self-Portrait on the Squash Court



All set for dancing on the court

I hear waltzing is a new sport,

Painting shots with undisguised glee,

Remembering to seize the “T”.


If body and mind worked in sync,

How smooth without having to think;

Alas, the racket has its say

Causing shock when one dares to play.


Yet, there are those moments that thrill,

Granted they do not overspill;

Where the ball lands as intended,

Ghastly errors quickly mended.


A nifty nick or well-judged lob,

Balletic boasts secure the job.

Ah yes, squash is like chess with sweat;

Deep thoughts, while the feet pirouette.

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Musing and News about Poetry Book

Walking is wonder


My new book “A Quickening Love” is now available to download in eBook format for kindle. A print edition should be available by the end of June.

Thanks to everyone who reads this blog. It is a thrill to be part of such an eclectic, creative and eye-opening community.

Long may the words continue to ring, or should that be sing? Perhaps it’s the same thing.


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Haiku Cycle

World of riches

Found in soul’s cavernous chest

Laughter is the key


Laughter is the key

Dissolving jaded visions

A shower of hope


A shower of hope

Greens the tentacles that grow

With hungry desire


With hungry desire

The bonds of love are strengthened

Dispelling sorrow


Dispelling sorrow

How bright the sunbeams glow

Reborn, the heart leaps


Reborn the heart leaps

Sensations blown by the wind

While the mind dances


While the mind dances

Alert to life’s rich canvass

Colour fills the scene


Colour fills the scene

A tapestry of bright light

Each day springs anew.

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