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When I taste the scent of a breeze

Or consider earth’s divine spell,

The rays of love that always please;

Then happiness rings its bright bell.


When I prepare the morning tea

And observe the cat slinking by

Thinking of life’s rich mystery,

I marvel how love lets us fly.


When I look out upon the world,

A contentment leaps like the spring;

Joyful it is to be uncurled,

Absorbing truths that dance and sing.


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I Love The Way You Dance

It’s true I love the way you dance;

The grace and poise blows me away,

Let’s not leave anything to chance.


I may often sit in a trance

But don’t let this get in the way,

It’s true I love the way you dance.


And your steps do beauty enhance,

Clotting what I would like to say;

Let’s not leave anything to chance.


Even beyond the furtive glance

Thoughts unspoken always betray;

It’s true, I love the way you dance.


How can I give wind to this stance?

These lines blow and dare to convey,

Let’s not leave anything to chance.


If you think this poem a prance

I hope the clear gist may outweigh;

It’s true, I love the way you dance

So why leave anything to chance?



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Wild Swimming


Surrounded by green,

The sudden sharp surprise

Of the river’s

Silky flow,

A sacred purge

While the skin



And thoughts burst.

Fluent flowering;

Streaming bountiful


That man

In his vacant lust

Quells with





Mingling with

Nature’s cathedral

Is to feel

That unity

Is not forged

On the saw

Of blind hatred,

But found

In a wood

Where the birds


In the dappled light

And life is good.


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I Wish



I wish to undress you

In the night


I wish to caress you

Blithe and bright


I wish to kiss you

Without fright


I wish to nose you

With pure might


I wish to fuck you

In a blaze

Of light



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The soft sigh of your breath

Wakes me, turns me

Towards you


A tenderness stirs within.


Your hair cascades across the pillow


Natural outpouring of calm.

Fragile eyelids concealing

Untold dreams.


Where have you been?

Where are you going?


Unexplored mysteries

Condensing like

Droplets of rain.


Outside, the sun pierces the cloud

Heralding a chorus of

Bright birdsong;

I hold you,



A rock amidst the swirling

Sea of life.



This poem is from my first collection “Upon The Inward Eye”. Perhaps one shouldn’t look back at what one has written previously but being fascinated by the writing process, it is almost impossible not to. To deny what one has written would be to deny a part of one’s self.  I quite like this poem. As I read it again, the other day, something was irking me and what was irking me was the question of flow. The original poem, as published, has fifteen lines. You will see that this version has twenty-one lines. None of the content has changed but I feel with the new line-breaks, the poem has a more fluid ring to it.

Should I have altered this? Who knows? Or perhaps it is a poet’s prerogative to do what he or she wants with a poem, as long as it isn’t mangled beyond all recognition? It is not for me to say. What I do know is that poetry is a never-ending quest, a joyful quest – sprinkled with sorrow and humour – but a quest for meaning and beauty, nonetheless.

And long may the quest continue.

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