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One of life’s delights,
Tramping this land
Rich with
Nutritious scents.

Summer’s end
Blackberries bloom,
Palpable presents
In hedgerows
Wantonly strewn.

Shower of sweetness
Bursting upon
The tongue,
Giving a smile
Without pretence
Yet present,
Oozing joy.

Always, there is this,
In the vortex of life
Magic flexes
And wonder leaps,
For us
To behold.

You will remember these gifts from the earth…
We find everything waiting there

(Pablo Neruda)



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No matter how far I go, you speak clear

Of truth, love, laughter and simple pleasures,

Gleaming bright, taking an axe to the fear,

And then I marvel at all the treasures

That sing and dance throughout our busy lives.

A film unspooled, never grows old or pales

For as long as magic blossoms and gives.

The thought of you floats and forever sails,

But the sea of joy can never recede

For this glaring sight, there is much to see

While the mind is alive, hungry to read,

Smelling with relish the scent that flows free.

So let it be sung, a passion so pure

Your presence on earth shall always endure.

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I drink to the power of peace

I drink to the wonder of life

I drink to the beauty of you

I drink to the ending of strife.


I drink to the easing of fears

I drink to the laughter of love

I drink to the joy of touch

I drink to the delight above.


I drink to the magic of days

I drink to the dreamscapes at night

I drink to the gifts man may share

I drink to the comfort of light.


I drink to the kindness of words

I drink to the kissing of minds

I drink to the dancing inside

I drink to serenity that binds.




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The image of you

Recedes in the distance

A speck dwindled

By time’s perspective

How fast time flows.


The image of you

Looms in the foreground

Beauty enlarged

By time’s perspective

How slow time flows.


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Beneath the pregnant moon

I give you some words

And you give me

Your love

Free as the dove.


All night we sing

With our bodies,

While cats prowl


The lighted gardens

And owls keep sentry,

Over melting embraces

Skinning the night.


Rising from

Love’s heady


The new dawn

Dances clear


And flowers

Glint without


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