One of life’s delights,
Tramping this land
Rich with
Nutritious scents.

Summer’s end
Blackberries bloom,
Palpable presents
In hedgerows
Wantonly strewn.

Shower of sweetness
Bursting upon
The tongue,
Giving a smile
Without pretence
Yet present,
Oozing joy.

Always, there is this,
In the vortex of life
Magic flexes
And wonder leaps,
For us
To behold.

You will remember these gifts from the earth…
We find everything waiting there

(Pablo Neruda)



Filed under Nature, Philosophy, Poetry, Thoughts

7 responses to “Wonder

  1. Christina Watson

    Thank you, now I can look forward to Autumn instead of regretting the loss of Summer!

  2. Ah merci, there is a beauty isn’t there, in the changing of the seasons that is irrepressibly enchanting 🙂

  3. This ones my personal favourite since I love blackberries too much!..the photo just adds so much delight to the poetry!

  4. nofrillswrapping

    This one took me instantly to Oregon where the blackberries are the size of my thumb and grow wild all over. Delicious!

  5. Alexis

    Oh, fantastic. Blackberries the size of your thumb, what a natural feast to savour…!

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