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Table Manners

I tried to tell you

On a hot humid night

Where the beer blazed so bright,

But I couldn’t.

The throbbing desire to kiss

Was killed by modesty

Or good table manners,

I’m not sure which.

Maybe, quivering uncertainty

Douses ardour’s stitching.


So here it is:

A wish expressed in a poem,

As all poems to some extent are.


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Sea of Light


For those who may be interested, I am delighted to say that my latest collection of musings, Sea of Light, is now available to purchase from the kindle store.

The book contains poems that have leapt from this blog into the book and others that have crept in from the sidelines, more out of curiosity than anything else. If you do take a morsel, may the poetical palate be pleasantly pricked.

The poetry of earth is ceasing never
(John Keats)

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February Renewal

My birth month –
Hardened by
Winter’s blast.

Frost permeates
The glinting grass,
Blades of renewal.

Over the horizon
The sun glimmers,
Proffering peace

While earth
Softens, flowers open
Accepting what is
And what shall be.


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I give you wonder
You give me your love
We sing from above
Of passion to plunder.

I give you laughter
You give me a sign
We feast on love’s wine
Drunkenness comes after.

I give you my word
You give me your seal
We flame as we feel
Cries no longer unheard.

I give you the earth
You give me fresh rain
We wash away pain
On the bed of rebirth.


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How Good To Live

How good to gaze

And simply smile,

While the sun sinks

To rest awhile.


How good to dream

In night’s cavern,

While colour fills

What is barren.


How good to love

Where words are spun

Of lust and thrust

And clothes undone.


How good to walk

In dawn’s fresh guise,

Sunlight shimmers

In deep surprise.


How good to live

And taste the day;

Seasoned with joy,

No lies betray.



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I hunger for you

more than I avow;

Like the rain

kissing the earth

you give me strength.

I hunger for you

on every path;

Like the stars

that do dance

you light my heart.

I hunger for you

calling me clear;

Like the waves

hugging the shore

you comfort my days.

I hunger for you

near and far;

Like the wind

tending the trees

you offer fresh hope.

I hunger for you

in word and limb;

Like the sun

on the horizon

you soften the night.

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