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Be still, be still –
Beauty drowns
Sorrows that kill.

Be still, be still –
Birdsong soothes
The daily drill.

Be still, be still –
Mystery sings
On every hill.

Be still, be still –
Happiness fills
The ardent will.

Be still, be still –
Love is the wine
Lovers distil.


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I looked into your eyes
And saw desire unfurl;
If you looked into mine
You would see hope uncurl.

I looked into your soul
And saw the open sea;
If you looked into mine
You would see liberty.

I looked into your mind
And saw passion unveil;
If you looked into mine
Wild wonder would prevail.

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Bread on the table.
Sunlight streams through
The open door, words flow
Natural and unforced
Like flowers glowing
In spring.

An hour or two passed;
Conversation, laughter,
Priceless gifts
That matter,
Alert to the present.

Concord reflected
In the wine’s golden glint;
Even if bodies rage,
Happiness stretches
Across the ages.

This river we wade
Awash with wonder,
Upon which strong bonds
Of friendship
Sparkle like silver.

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You lit my poetic boat

Thus causing my soul to float.


You lit my fevered brain

Kissing the end of pain.


You lit my ardent craze

Setting my words ablaze.


You lit my ruffled shore

Where I craved more and more.


You sparked my ardent longing

In love there is belonging.


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Nothing is a spear that pierces the heart,

Nothing is the hollow when you depart.

Nothing is a space devoid of meaning,

Nothing is a crutch on which I’m leaning.

Nothing is life shelled of your smooth skin,

Nothing is a trip that cannot begin.

Nothing is a word that smothers the verb,

Nothing is a cloud that light may disturb.

Nothing is pain but within there is this,

Love is everything that feasts on a kiss.

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Scattering their light

So free, I take my tea

And stare for endless minutes,

Time dissolved in this

Stellar show.


After vexing thoughts

Plough the mind’s furrow,

Serene it is to absorb

Bright daubings in the sky.


If night’s canvas

Could speak:

Be still, be still –

Beauty drowns

Fears that kill.

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What is Poetry?

Poetry is a kind

Of magic

That flenses

Flabbiness from

The body

And steams


Out of the soul.


Over tea, I jotted down some notes on what poetry means to me. I wouldn’t say that these are meant to constitute some kind of manifesto or should be seen as a commentary to the poem above or other musings on this blog. Poetry is much too dynamic to be reduced to this or that. Poetry, I guess, is whatever you make it out to be.


Notes on Poetry

Poems are windows on the world.

Poems are thoughts given animation.

Poems are the body’s desires enshrined.

Poems are bubbles of buoyancy.

Poems are lifebelts giving protection on the overflowing avenues of life.

Poems are boots helping us up the mountain.

Poems are slides, plumbing the depths of the imagination.

Poems are intoxicating.

Poems are memories.

Poems are eternal.

Poems are of the moment.

Poems dance when the mind is alive.

Poems are for everyone.

Poems don’t grow old.

Poems are sustenance for the soul.

Poems are longings consecrated on the mind’s altar.

Poems are the heart’s yearnings unfurled.

Poetry is music.

Poetry is water.





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