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If you could catch my mind,
You may notice how thoughts unwind
Full of longing, lust and want;
Feast on them, love, before they
Crumble into dust.

As sure as the day rises,
This heart brims with red desire;
Alchemy is your magic,
Transmuting baser instincts
Into durable gold,
Bright and distinct.


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Love suddenly arrives,
Sunlight bursting the clouds,
A welcome gift
Healing old wounds.

Beyond reason it flowers,
Bridging time’s flux
To relish
In all seasons.

And I stand, stunned.
Drinking and diving,
Fearless and foraging,
Deeply grateful
For this wine
Of lasting beauty.

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Cri de Coeur

Love, hold me tight
Love, help me flee
Love, keep me bright
Love, set me free.

Love, kiss me true
Love, stand me tall
Love, bear me through
Love, hear my call.

Love, teach me grace
Love, spare me pain
Love, give me space
Love, fall like rain.

Love, warm my mind
Love, touch me soft
Love, thou art kind
Love, dance aloft.

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Stopping for Tea



Early morning on the mountain,

Birds sing out of starry slumber

While the mist drapes, like a bridal veil

Covering the earth with tender grace.


Stopping for tea, awakened by the sun,

The valley breathes sanctity and light;

Palpably modest, I tremble in delight

At this glory lovingly unfurled.


Man spits and stutters, cursing the world,

Shun from beauty, tramping down the past;

The present is alive, alluringly so

In enduring majesty, a cure to last.

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