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A child’s laughter,

Rising like a balloon.

The whispering sea,

Nursing songs of joy.

The dog chasing a bird,

Caught by the current.

People converge,

Sun-struck and content,

Melting as one;

Faraway, the past ebbs

Sucked into the breeze.

Immersed in the moment,

These fragments roar;

A prayer for life,

The prospect of more.

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The air we breathe
on the peak
is like none other,
and the visions
we see,
unfurl with radiance –
wonder to behold.

I drink everything in,
greedy, full of need;
purified yearning –
like this love, floating
here to there.


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A cafe in Plovdiv,
I think of you
Full as the sun;
As I watch the crowd,
A strutting colourful gallery,
What stands out
Singular and distinct
Is the vibrancy of your song.

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Resting by the lake,
I realised all of a sudden,
that the ripples
of our love
shall kiss and greet
on intimacy’s shore.

Listening to the breeze,
unlocking silent whispers,
I saw how soft
true concord is,
Pure as a great bird
scaling new heights.

Grateful is not the word,
gazing at the dancing stars,
for as long as
Nature yields
bittersweet truths,
lovers’ light holds me tight.


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