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No sign is
without reason,
meaning breathes
in all we do.

The thrill of a word,
the joy of a glance,
linking of love
time’s onward dance.

No sign is
Beyond grasping,
Intent shines
In every detail.

Catch this if you can,
this world is so

In praise of you,
my vow remains
faithful and true.


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It is good
to do
nothing at all.

Filling my hours
along lanes
of leisure,
strolling without
any care

except to stop
now and again,
musing upon
the joy of trees

and the
wonder of thee.


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Hold This

Hold this before it flies
lifted by autumn’s breeze;
deep desire never dies
flaming against the freeze.

Hold this before it sinks
sucked down by cold lament;
tenderness is the link,
a spark to love unspent.

Hold this with charity –
awakened it shall rise
again, scattering free
red petals of surprise.

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I stand before you,
tongue-tied and lovestruck,
the words once rehearsed,
winged by sweet luck.

I listen for a sign
clamouring from deep,
eloquence ablaze,
seasoned by sleep.

I palm you some lines
mellowed by sorrow,
lighting fresh intent,
dance on the morrow.

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