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Grateful for love
purging what mars;
Grateful for you,
moonlight and stars.

Grateful for dreams
weaving a thread,
grateful for letters
blessed to be read.

Grateful for life
flowing like wine;
Grateful for signs,
beauty is thine.


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Catch this kiss as it flies,
truth melted in surprise;
Lifted by laughter’s wings,
ecstasy always sings.

Held by a soft embrace,
sighs fold in tender grace;
What flickers through the night
is you and your luscious light.

Day comes with eager feet,
a landscape in which to greet –
displacing heavy air,
your form gleams everywhere.

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What Remains Fair

Your changing beauty
never fades,
like nature’s cycle
springing anew.

And while longings
melt in a
cauldron of froth

what remains fair
is your singular hue.

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Each day flowing
with gifts
I treasure,
such moments
burnished by the sun.

But the greatest
one I offer you
is a swollen love,
not yet spent.

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All Lit Up

This light dancing
I give you
To nurture and cherish.

With it, we can feed
And feed without end
Our wholesome desires.

All the roads lit up
For happy wandering.


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