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The footprints we leave
burnished bright
in mystical light.

Winter’s breath
chills the marrow,
while in the wings

Spring awaits
bubbling and buoyant,
spelling increase.



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Did I Ever Tell

Did I ever tell
how you hit
the spot?
Did I ever tell
you are all
I’m not?

Did I ever tell
the way you
held my gaze?
Did I ever tell
you fill
the empty days?

Did I ever tell
about the spark
you bring?
Did I ever tell
you soothe
every sting?

Did I ever tell
you are kinder
than light?
Did I ever tell
you come
every night?

Did I ever tell
you danced
like the rain?
Did I ever tell
you took me
from the plain?

Did I ever tell
you enlarged
this heart?
Did I ever tell
words are
just the start?

Did I ever tell
how love
conquers time?
Did I ever tell
No, I don’t think
I did.
You complete
this rhyme.


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In the hot sweat of life and living
we float and fuck,
like ravenous creatures
exploding on the edge;
A dance swaying in tune,
desire harmonised
under the knowing moon.

Hungry for you, I offer my tongue,
ensorcelled by scents;
Hands clasped in comfort
as the world rides collapsing
waves, watery tower
mingled deep with your
resplendent power.

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This Morning

This morning the sun crashed
through the window
bathing my sea of dreams
in dazzling charm.

I woke with your name
dancing on my mind.
All day happiness fluttered
like carefree leaves

until I set sail once more
on night’s broad road
seeking your hungry smile.

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