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Deep within
Like a dancing star,
You exploded into
My solitary life.

For when days
Seem dark and drear,
There you shimmer
Ablaze and clear.



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Little did you know that I watched,
enchanted by soft movements,
gentle as the summer rain.

Time stood still while this moment
roared with pregnant serenity,
your fingers curled around
the page edges.

As you read, I read too,
your quizzical look, the sudden
bursts of joyful laughter,
stunned beyond borders.

But the greatest story does not end,
tended as it is by love and the
unending rush linking desolate hands.

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Je Suis


You may kill
With craven
But ideas dance
Forever free.

You may tear
The unarmed
But thought burns,

You may act
For a twisted
But you will wail
In the cold.

You may quash
What you believe
But this is life,
Terror can’t rend.

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Winter Sun in Arabia


On the highway, at the end of day
Tiredness melts in a golden
Moment, washed clean
By the dancing sun.

From deserts of longing,
Greenness flowers, a miracle
Some might say,
Yet I know how signs

Scatter joy and passion,
How gentle is the wind
That bears us on the way.

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