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A line from you.
That’s all I crave.
No matter the length,
Haiku or epic,
Reading your words
Makes me so brave.

All news is good,
Even when there is none.
Love is a window
Magnifying the sun.

My news is constant,
Undimmed by events.
Dancing on the shore
Immersed in hunger’s roar.


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There is…

There is no one but you
To keep me whole and new;
Brighter than the sun,
Old sorrows on the run.

There is no one but you
To paint the canvas blue,
Freshening the day,
Where love comes to play.

There is no one but you
To kiss this journey true,
Dancing through the night,
The ways you do excite.


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I listen to your voice
All night long,
Happily making notes
After every song.
By the time dawn arrives
In golden-tongued light,
Melodies blaze naked,
A holy kind of might.

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A Touch of Grace

If touch can be shown
Through the medium of words,
Then you have touched
Me a thousand times.
And while the moon shines
On a still Spring night,
This touching of minds
Is a river of light.

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