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Even When I Stumble

Even when I stumble
Through the shrouded murk,
This heart flowers.
Seizing verdant laughter,
What gifts you possess.


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Like A Rock

Like a rock is this love,
Washed daily
By a sea of desire,
Our dreams mingled
In a riotous foam.

I gaze without shame
At your naked form,
Rising clear
Onto the sandy shore.

And I pinch myself
Grateful that you came,
A diving spirit,
Glistening and golden,
Giving with grace
Modesty untamed.

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Standing on the shore,
Voices crashing against life,
People embraced in joy,
I stay motionless,
A silent spectator,
Hungry for beauty,
Drinking it all in.

Walking through feasts
Unfurled, vibrant mix of living,
I realise how blue is the lens;
Beyond the here and now
Lies the prospect of more.

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There is beauty,
There is peace,
There is wonder
Bursting at the seams –
Renewed by you
Love cannot cease.


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