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Minutes, hours pass
Reverence crystallised –
Beauty lasts.


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Years Later

I remember it well,
A bright summer in Poland,
The scent of wildflowers,
Lakes glinting in the sun

And your smile, oh your smile
Flashing all the while.

Years later, penning these words,
Every fibre of my body
Alert to love’s vibrant pulse.

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I look outside
And watch people
In the thick of life,
Feeding ravenous birds,
Alive in the moment.

Happiness spreads
Like a welcome pool.
In it I plunge,
Hungry for you.

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I relish the countless hours
Dreaming and scheming,
Lazing and gazing,
Doing nothing
But peering outside.
Grateful for
Everyday miracles;
Like a sudden shock of birds,
Sunlight clasping the wineglass
And the gilt touch
Of memory
Life’s frozen fields.

I relish it all –
The beauty to be savoured,
The loving to be had,
The joy and pain entwined,
The stories that last.

Great wonder fills me
As I stare and compare;
Living in the moment
Aware of colour
Alert to magic
Awakened to desire
And the persistent pulse
Within and without.
Crying with supple hands,
To be kissed and cherished
In the thawing light.

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