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Tenderness is the spark that underpins affection.
Tenderness is the touch that banishes early-morning fears.
Tenderness is a light kindling the dark.
Tenderness is spooning through thick and thin.
Tenderness is the roar of the whispering word.
Tenderness is a reservoir forever replenished.
Tenderness is learning that love is constant.
Tenderness is a wave uplifting the heart.
Tenderness is holding on amidst the terror.
Tenderness flies on sun’s bright wings.
Tenderness glows in the moon’s deep smile.
Tenderness dances in water’s bright torrent.
Tenderness is exquisite.
Tenderness is vital.
Tenderness is inimitable.
Tenderness is eternal.


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Sometimes it happens.
Love falls on the senses,
Cleansing like summer rain,
And the world bursts anew.

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The Stars Have Not Fallen Yet

The stars have not fallen yet
And the sun cannot shine,
Not until you are mine
And longings have been met.

The trees don’t seem to dance,
Nor the flowers emit a smile,
For truly on every mile
I ponder upon your glance.

The moon has lost its glow
While I stumble in this rut,
But come, come to my hut,
And we’ll tumble in the flow.

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January Light

Thrilled by the winter light,
I walk miles and miles
Immersed in heavenly sights
Coming from all angles

Into my quivering self.
Bright and bitter is this world,
But look beyond the mask
And the joy surging unfurled.

This is the truth to kiss and drink,
A tonic to banish the blues;
In your arms I relish and think,
Skin on skin, sailing through.

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