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This Hour

​Our love free as the river

These hands soft as the earth
My limbs stretching like trees
Your eyes moistened in moonlight
Our ears cupped by the wind
Lips mouthing bright chords
This hour filled with sweet gifts
And the mantra that stays alive
Threading spirit, soul, universe
Give, give, give, give – give and live. 


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​Carried by the wind,

Rising and rising
This hot love,
Exploding into
A million pinpricks,
A riot of light.

Old notions vanish,
Confetti in the breeze
Drifting beyond reason;
While life bursts
With colour,
Multicolored tapestry
Caressed by gentleness.

All we have is now.
Embrace wonder,
Basket of gifts:
A beaker of joy
A shot of hope
A gust of mirth.
This – Glorious earth.

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In These Luminous Days

​In these luminous days

I walk with you
Shrouded in peace
Bathed in love
Touching and giving
Two flames unclasped.

In these luminous days
I dance with you
Open to the world
Unbound in joy
Bridging the ache
Two souls attuned.

In these luminous days
I revel with you
Tanned by the breeze
Naked and free
Feasting on hopes
Two bodies entwined.

In these luminous days
I lie with you
Riding the flow
Kissed by grace
Freshness exchanged
Contentment uncorked. 

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​You are my lodestar

On dark nights, on bright nights.

You are my warmth
In winter and in spring.

You are my surprise
In summer and in autumn.

You are my wonder
Blazing through the fog.

You are my present,
A promise unwrapped.

You are my future,
Unclose your hand. 

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Jul 2, 2016 · 8:07 am