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I wake in a shower
Of light, crying.
You are no longer here.

What shall I do
With these tears?
How can I placate
This ache?

My heart is drenched.
I need to swim.
I need to flow.
I need to bathe

My hopes
In a tide of longing.


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Walk With Me

​Walk with me

In sun and in rain
Walk with me
Through the pain.

Walk with me
Across the fields
Walk with me
Where darkness yields.

Walk with me
Over the hills
Walk with me
To the silent thrills.

Walk with me
To the sultry sea
Walk with me
Naked and carefree.

Walk with me
Beyond the page
Walk with me
Love and engage. 

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​It is only the now 

That counts,
The way to create
An enchanting future.
In which magic may grow,
The senses can flow
Joy to be tasted,
A touchable star. 

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