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Slowly, slowly, in tune with
Rhythm of wind, step,
Birdsong, we reach the crest.

The mists disperse.
Rimmed in sunlight,
You laugh raven-like;
Hungry eyes, hair unbound,
Creature of earth and sky.

In an instant the dam bursts,
Slaking our thirst
On the beckoning grass.
Hands softened by longing –
Free, free, free.



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Silky-smooth breeze

Water pours in scented ease –

Spirits unsheathed.

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In The Light Of Your Smile

In the light of your smile
I cross the divide

In the scent of your grace
I walk in bliss

In the glow of your flow
I conquer desire

In the beat of your heart
I float in devotion

In the brush of your lips
I travel through pain

In the heat of your hug
I discover rest

In the blaze of your eyes
I renew the fire

In the snug of your touch
I discard the crutch

In the soul of your mind
I dive, dive, dive.

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