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Like the mist clearing on a summer morn,
You wend your way, silky-smooth, newly-born,
The dew shimmering above the thorn
And all is ablaze.

Like the world waking up in a hum of sound,
Your voice vibrates across the sun-drenched ground,
Terror’s chains broken, forever unbound
And here I stand, amazed.


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That Time

That time, that time

How sweet does it rhyme

When we lay together

Your lips

Swallowing deep

My tongue mining for pearls

The blinds open to light

And the embrace yielding

To tears.

That time, misted in wine,

Do longings ever decline?

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Notes On A Bench

A day like any other,
Miracles sing in the gifts of presence.
Billowing grass stroked by wind’s fingers.
Clouds scuttling across sky’s flighty canvas.
Birdsong springing in a melodious flow.
A day in which to observe
That to feel is better than to know.
The heart is a sponge
Soaked in summer’s glow,
Hungry for love.

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Desire for life
Is a wave
That ebbs and flows
On the shoreline
Of our searching minds.

Desire for sex
Is the rain
That floods and runs
On the map
Of our pulsing days.

Desire for peace
Is a wind
That gleams and streams
On the hills
Of our risen needs.

Desire for love
Is a sun
That flares and bursts
On the banks
Of our fragile hearts.

Desire for life
Desire for sex
Desire for peace
Desire for love

Reside in desire.

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Two hands
Two hearts
Two minds
Two silences
Two bodies
Two laughters
Two souls
Two passions
Two visions.

The tracks
Of all the earth
For living.

Two spirits
Two travellers

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Rhossili Down

A morning draped in mist.
Waves hugging the seashore.
Weariness unclenching its fist.
Crows surfing the biting breeze.
Rocks rising in sudden sharpness.
I thought how sweet it is to live.
Voices steeped in buoyant laughter.
Man’s folly is easy to forgive.
Gullsong burning the clammy air.
The sun waits, eager to share.


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Love is the only thing one should live for.
Love is the only thing one should consider.
Love is the herb that soothes ancient sorrows.
Love is a wave that carries us to new worlds.
Love is warmth for the jaded soul.
Love is a hat to be worn in all seasons.
Love is light illuminating the darkness.
Love is fire, linking heart to heart.
Love is an ocean in which happiness swims.
Love is the sun, the moon, the wind, the stars.
Love is time dissolved in laughter.
Love is touch healing old scars.
Love is a smile greeting a smile.
Love is a charm, the way to stay calm.
Love is fragrant, freshened by passion.
Love is care, bathed in devotion.
Love travels far across seas and lands.

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