A couple of books which I would avidly recommend: This is Not The End of the Book by Umberto Eco, in conversation with Jean-Claude Carriere and a wonderful photography book on the Brecon Beacons by Adam Burton.

There has been much talk, of late, about the demise of the printed book, with the proliferation of  online reading and ereader devices. If you are worried about the book’s future then This is Not The End of the Book will be just the tonic to lift your spirits. Eco and Carriere explore the book’s beauty and durability within a historical, philosophical and sociological context. Ardent bibliophiles, they don’t shy away from eulogising their love of rare and antiquarian books, and whilst not overtly critical of ebooks (an incredibly efficient way in which to disseminate words, knowledge, stories etc), they suggest that rumours of the book’s demise have been grossly exaggerated. Never has there been such a golden age for reading as there presently is.  Books have been around for centuries and will continue to be around for a while yet. It’s just that the book is evolving and such is the rapid pace of change with new technologies it is impossible for the book to exist in a vacuum. Bibliophiles and bibliopoles can rest a little easier. In the age of the kindle, the book can still burn bright. The book is dead. Long live the book.

Brecon Beacons by Adam Burton is a sumptuous collection of photographs. This is a book that captures the ever-changing moods of this most spectacular of landscapes with great love and fidelity. You will marvel at the magical moorlands, the astonishing vistas, the towering mountains, the secluded valleys, the mystical waterfalls, the mythical lakes and the man-made dramas etched on the landscape. Burton’s photography dazzles the senses and captivates the mind. I defy you to read this and not to feel the urge to head out to the hills and embrace the the joy of walking in all its multifarious glories.

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