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Ode To WineGums


Let me count the ways

I love thee

Or rather just say

From the tips of my toes

To the ends of my hair.

I love thee

More than all the

Other pretenders

Put together,

So there.

Yes, you are the Queen

Of sweets, let it be said

For as long as I live,

With thee

I do wed!


Winegums, you ask?

It’s anytime, any day for me

No need to be shy

Or curb this hungry desire,

Winegums are mighty fine

I feast upon their shine.


Red, yellow, black

Green, orange, white;

A multi-coloured paradise

Gourmet’s delight.

Palette of wonders

Delectable nectar,

I gorge on such

Nutritious delights!


How best to savour?

Like a vintage wine

Over the course

Of a few hours?

Or wolfed down

With rampant glee

In a matter of minutes?

Either will do

Though I do confess

The latter approach

Fits me best.

I am weak-kneed

In the face of

Such sweetness!


And the shapes

Always amaze:

Kidney, Crown

Diamond, Circle


Oh resplendent

Shapely pleasures!

Family of divinities

That roll away

Tired frowns.


Ogling your names

Connoisseur’s heaven:

Port, Sherry


Medicine for aches

And pains.

Burgundy, Claret


Oh delicious sin!


Winegums, you ask?

It’s anytime, any day for me


Whose brightness

Remains undimmed


How divine!


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