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Stepping into June’s Light

Stepping into June’s light
Unweighted by regret
You appear like an angel
Smiling on every tree
Laughing on every shore
Dancing on every peak
Gliding through the luminous air
Tracing a spell everywhere.

Stepping into June’s light
Spying summer’s abundance
I sing a song to magic
Rinsing out the stale
Soaking up the hale
Bring in the splendour
Cast out the terror.

Stepping into June’s light
Wedded by a marriage of joy
The dead and the tragic
The lost and the unkempt
The forlorn and the torn
Whoever can’t touch this wonder
Come hug under love’s thunder.


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Early Morning

Not a sound stirring
Save your gentle breath
Whispering joy.

I stare for endless minutes
Gripped by love,
Grateful for this gift

That life has
With sweet abundance.

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Apr 21, 2016 · 9:19 am