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Where I Go

A place I go to
Every year
Ablaze and humming
Season to season
A riot of serenity. 

Just thinking
About it
Stirs the heart
Fires the bones
Cleanses the mind. 

What better place
For being
For drinking 
For watching
For kissing
For loving?

There is no
Traffic of clutter
Here – rather
The hushed calm
Of earth’s pleasing 

A place I want
To show you. 
A place awash 
In ardent colour. 

We all need these places
We all need these places. 


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Some say there should be
No mysteries for two people
To love each other.

                    But isn’t there
Something luminous about
Spending a lifetime unveiling
These precious gems?

Like wayfarers charting
New paths,  the dazzle
Is in the touching.

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A glorious sunset tinged in pink.
Stars singing a song of peace.
Smiles sealed with dancing eyes.
The thrill of a kiss dispersing the mist.
Talking in bed without a care.
Dreams swimming in a riot of colour.
Words flowing like a hungry cascade.
Eager explorers feasting on signs.
Deep within, a torrent of love
Rushing unhindered limb to limb.

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I love you for

Your éclat and élan,

Your sparkle and splendour,

Your panache and pizzazz.

I love you for

Your words and wit,

Your sorrow and surprise,

Your voice and uplift.

I love you for

Your beauty and more.

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Bread on the table.
Sunlight streams through
The open door, words flow
Natural and unforced
Like flowers glowing
In spring.

An hour or two passed;
Conversation, laughter,
Priceless gifts
That matter,
Alert to the present.

Concord reflected
In the wine’s golden glint;
Even if bodies rage,
Happiness stretches
Across the ages.

This river we wade
Awash with wonder,
Upon which strong bonds
Of friendship
Sparkle like silver.

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Table Manners

I tried to tell you

On a hot humid night

Where the beer blazed so bright,

But I couldn’t.

The throbbing desire to kiss

Was killed by modesty

Or good table manners,

I’m not sure which.

Maybe, quivering uncertainty

Douses ardour’s stitching.


So here it is:

A wish expressed in a poem,

As all poems to some extent are.

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