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I wake with a start
Darkness a blade
Cutting the heart.

In the thick of night
Comes a touch
A palm of light.

The sea knows no pain
What we grieve
It is in vain.

I hear a song
Weathered by years
A chorus,  a throng.

Arriving together
Naked as newborns
Kindling the heather.

Torn. Worn. Reborn.


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​Our lives passed

Ever so briefly,

Two ships 

Sailing in the night,

Where the hours 

Felt like minutes,

The weeks like days. 
Now as the sun wanes

At summer’s end,

Seasons fold

Into each other,

The cycle

Sings anew.

Gather while you can. 
What remains 

Of this love? 

A handful of ashes 

A cup of tears 

Ready to be sowed,

For hope to rise 


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This Hour

​Our love free as the river

These hands soft as the earth
My limbs stretching like trees
Your eyes moistened in moonlight
Our ears cupped by the wind
Lips mouthing bright chords
This hour filled with sweet gifts
And the mantra that stays alive
Threading spirit, soul, universe
Give, give, give, give – give and live. 

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Years Later

I remember it well,
A bright summer in Poland,
The scent of wildflowers,
Lakes glinting in the sun

And your smile, oh your smile
Flashing all the while.

Years later, penning these words,
Every fibre of my body
Alert to love’s vibrant pulse.

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Ducks cresting the ripples
On a still September day,
Boats idling in the sun,
Children coming out to play.
Trees shedding their leaves,
Light teasing shadows,
Dogs scenting contentment,
Peace reigns over this scene.


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