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In The Light Of Your Smile

In the light of your smile
I cross the divide

In the scent of your grace
I walk in bliss

In the glow of your flow
I conquer desire

In the beat of your heart
I float in devotion

In the brush of your lips
I travel through pain

In the snug of your touch
I discard the crutch

In the soul of your mind
I dive, dive, dive.


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I wake with a start
Darkness a blade
Cutting the heart.

In the thick of night
Comes a touch
A palm of light.

The sea knows no pain
What we grieve
It is in vain.

I hear a song
Weathered by years
A chorus,  a throng.

Arriving together
Naked as newborns
Kindling the heather.

Torn. Worn. Reborn.

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Will you come dance with me?
Will you embrace this jamboree?
Will you revel in wholesome fun?
Will you dance beneath the sun?
Will you dress in dark leather?
Will you be light as a feather?
Will you leap on a mountain?
Will you flow like a fountain?
Will you tear off your mask?
Will you ride through the dark?
Will you tremble into this?
Will you give a fragrant kiss?
Will you? 

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Walk With Me

​Walk with me

In sun and in rain
Walk with me
Through the pain.

Walk with me
Across the fields
Walk with me
Where darkness yields.

Walk with me
Over the hills
Walk with me
To the silent thrills.

Walk with me
To the sultry sea
Walk with me
Naked and carefree.

Walk with me
Beyond the page
Walk with me
Love and engage. 

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Bread on the table.
Sunlight streams through
The open door, words flow
Natural and unforced
Like flowers glowing
In spring.

An hour or two passed;
Conversation, laughter,
Priceless gifts
That matter,
Alert to the present.

Concord reflected
In the wine’s golden glint;
Even if bodies rage,
Happiness stretches
Across the ages.

This river we wade
Awash with wonder,
Upon which strong bonds
Of friendship
Sparkle like silver.

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