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Hours and hours
I gaze
Upon the
Wide oceanic blue.
But how
I would rather
Be feasting
On the kernel
Of you. 

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You are my lodestar
On dark nights, on bright nights. 

You are my solace
In autumn and in winter.

You are my surprise
In spring and in summer.

You are my wonder
Blazing through the fog.

You are my beacon
Serenading the storm.

You are my hope,
A sky of marvels.

You are my treasure
Richer than gold.

You are my branch
Upon which I dance.

You are my water,
A sacred spring.

You are my life
Wherein I flow. 

You are my morning,
A map unfurled.

You are my evening,
Starlit, the world. 

You are my present,
A promise unwrapped.

You are my future,
Unclose your hand.


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My Love

I love you more than all the wonders that light up the night sky.
I love you with a passion that burns
my very core.
You are my light, my darkness,
my sweat, my tears.
I love you like a tiger in heat,
An animal lust covered in silk.
You are my milk, my water, 
my nourishment, my skin.
I love every inch of you
Bathed in sunlight and sex.
On the shores of silence and peace
I find your fingers outstretched,
All your natural gifts unfurled, 
Uncoiled in warm temptation; 
Carrying the green delight of days,
Dancing through pain, into a verdant realm.
I love you with vulnerable hands –
Your hair, your eyes, your breasts,
your spring,
Your laughter, your touch, your voice,  your gaze.
Time cannot blunt this ardent appetite,
Like a perpetual flame it burns,
Burnished by the glow of your
radiant mind.
I love you near and afar,
my imperishable star.

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March 19, 2016 · 9:31 pm

Like A Rock

Like a rock is this love,
Washed daily
By a sea of desire,
Our dreams mingled
In a riotous foam.

I gaze without shame
At your naked form,
Rising clear
Onto the sandy shore.

And I pinch myself
Grateful that you came,
A diving spirit,
Glistening and golden,
Giving with grace
Modesty untamed.

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Let us dance
You and I,
while the moon
above the sea.

Let us kiss
You and I,
while the trees
the holy breeze.

Let us sing
You and I,
while the wind
our naked minds.

Let us talk
You and I,
while the night
its tender spell.

Let us love
You and I,
while the sun
this zealous fire.

Let us spell
You and I,
while the sand
through hot hands.

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Come As One

I dream you naked
distant as a star,
shining without fright
on my solitary life.
Brazen is my creed
to drink on this
succulent need.
Alone, I cry unheard
as ancient cares
drift into space.

But if we come as one,
in a burning blaze
dispelling convention,
I will show you
what is wild and unfenced,
modesty dispensed.


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Table Manners

I tried to tell you

On a hot humid night

Where the beer blazed so bright,

But I couldn’t.

The throbbing desire to kiss

Was killed by modesty

Or good table manners,

I’m not sure which.

Maybe, quivering uncertainty

Douses ardour’s stitching.


So here it is:

A wish expressed in a poem,

As all poems to some extent are.

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