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Slowly, slowly, in tune with
Rhythm of wind, step,
Birdsong, we reach the crest.

The mists disperse.
Rimmed in sunlight,
You laugh raven-like;
Hungry eyes, hair unbound,
Creature of earth and sky.

In an instant the dam bursts,
Slaking our thirst
On the beckoning grass.
Hands softened by longing –
Free, free, free.



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In The Light Of Your Smile

In the light of your smile
I cross the divide

In the scent of your grace
I walk in bliss

In the glow of your flow
I conquer desire

In the beat of your heart
I float in devotion

In the brush of your lips
I travel through pain

In the snug of your touch
I discard the crutch

In the soul of your mind
I dive, dive, dive.

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Am I dreaming
      Of abundance
Immersed in
      The grace of you?

Am I seeing
      The path made flesh
A future
       Filled with allure?

Am I alert
       To joy and sorrow
The heart’s cup
        Renewed in wonder?

Am I certain
        About my words
Spun from crumbs
        Tinged with desire?

Am I attuned
         To every thrill
Surging deep
         The roar for more?

Am I waking
         To vibrant love
Perennial cheer
         From year to year?

Am I aware
          Am I aglow
                    Am I alive?

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​The loving, the holding, the giving

The ambling, the travelling, the living.
The touching, the pausing, the musing
The kissing, the playing, the fusing.
The laughing, the crying, the healing
The dancing,  the hoping, the feeling.

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Endless giving

How sweet this living is –

Rich and riotous

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Stepping into June’s Light

Stepping into June’s light
Unweighted by regret
You appear like an angel
Smiling on every tree
Laughing on every shore
Dancing on every peak
Gliding through the luminous air
Tracing a spell everywhere.

Stepping into June’s light
Spying summer’s abundance
I sing a song to magic
Rinsing out the stale
Soaking up the hale
Bring in the splendour
Cast out the terror.

Stepping into June’s light
Wedded by a marriage of joy
The dead and the tragic
The lost and the unkempt
The forlorn and the torn
Whoever can’t touch this wonder
Come hug under love’s thunder.

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Lines On A Bench

It is so easy
To while away
An hour or two,
And consider
The horrors
Of being

But what
Is more thrilling
Richly enchanting
Than musing upon
This great miracle
That daily
Assaults us?

Chores clamour
And claw
Our hungry selves
– ravenous fiends –
Setting aside time
Is a way
To keep lean.

Engaged in the act,
Laughter echoing
Across the park.
The tenderness
Of love,
Stilling the dark.

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