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Spring Cycle

Curtain of water
Nourisher of verdant lands
Across centuries

Across centuries
Every stone telling a tale
Hardened endurance

Hardened endurance
Spelling shoots of renewal
Unceasing release.


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You are the sea breeze,
Refreshing, at ease.

You are fragrant peace
Affection unleashed.

You are the sunrise,
Golden, bright-eyed.

You are the sunset,
A nook, a book, blessed.

You are the peak
Crested in colour.

You are the vista,
An unclouded picture.

You are the unsaid,
Mysteries to be read.

You are mud and river,
A taker, a giver.

You are fire and air,
Here, there, everywhere.

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Like the mist clearing on a summer morn,
You wend your way, silky-smooth, newly-born,
The dew shimmering above the thorn
And all is ablaze.

Like the world waking up in a hum of sound,
Your voice vibrates across the sun-drenched ground,
Terror’s chains broken, forever unbound
And here I stand, amazed.

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Season to season

The hungry soul fed by

Naked blessings.

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​Every day I sing anew

Awash in a field of dew
Stilled by excessive glee.
Every day I walk and gaze
Soaked in a buoyant haze
Feeding the flame of liberty.
Every day I wonder aloud
At life that flares so proud
Swelling the eager esprit.

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I relish the countless hours
Dreaming and scheming,
Lazing and gazing,
Doing nothing
But peering outside.
Grateful for
Everyday miracles;
Like a sudden shock of birds,
Sunlight clasping the wineglass
And the gilt touch
Of memory
Life’s frozen fields.

I relish it all –
The beauty to be savoured,
The loving to be had,
The joy and pain entwined,
The stories that last.

Great wonder fills me
As I stare and compare;
Living in the moment
Aware of colour
Alert to magic
Awakened to desire
And the persistent pulse
Within and without.
Crying with supple hands,
To be kissed and cherished
In the thawing light.

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At Rest


Standing still on the Canyon.
Watching sunrise kissing the rim.
Earth’s bright glory unveiled.
The gentle breeze stirring life.
Memories kindled into being.
How minnow troubles seem
When faced with such grandeur.
Stone and splendour shaped by time,
Like love endlessly enshrined.


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