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Can you hear
             The beauty
            Unfolding itself
            And godlike?

How lucky 
              We are 
To be alive
             Steeped in
              Rich vintage
Loving like 
              Animals untamed
How lucky
              We are
To be a part
                    Thinking spirits
In the wide
              Unshackled skies
And give rein 
             To our heart’s desire. 

How lucky
             To utter a prayer
              In harmony
Where rivers
              Run deep.

How lucky
             To give and get
How lucky
             You and I met.

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Am I dreaming
      Of abundance
Immersed in
      The grace of you?

Am I seeing
      The path made flesh
A future
       Filled with allure?

Am I alert
       To joy and sorrow
The heart’s cup
        Renewed in wonder?

Am I certain
        About my words
Spun from crumbs
        Tinged with desire?

Am I attuned
         To every thrill
Surging deep
         The roar for more?

Am I waking
         To vibrant love
Perennial cheer
         From year to year?

Am I aware
          Am I aglow
                    Am I alive?

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Come my sweet and cherish this beat,
Harmony’s a place where we’ll greet.
Come my flower and seek the calm,
Affection’s pulse flows palm to palm.
Come my dove, listen to the sea,
Ardent waves steeped in liberty.
Come my pearl, cradle the splendour,
This world, this heart, always tender.
Come my beacon, lighten the way,
Memories are made night and day.
Come my love and bury the past,
Bright horizons shall bloom and last.
Come my rose, from earth we unfold,
Mingled solitudes, life behold. 

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Hours and hours
I gaze
Upon the
Wide oceanic blue.
But how
I would rather
Be feasting
On the kernel
Of you. 

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A lake of rippling calm. 

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Years Have Passed

On the highway of life,
Years have passed.

Our bodies don’t lie,
Tangled in pleasure.

A hunger enthused,
What can you see?

The terror of the ache,
Sighs itching to break. 

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I Raise A Glass

I raise a glass
To the setting sun,
Sunk in splendour.
Thankful for loving,
No curtain of tears
Can truly conceal.

Easy it is to feel
That what’s to come
Will give birth
To something purer,
A revelation of sorts. 

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