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Two hands
Two hearts
Two minds
Two silences
Two bodies
Two laughters
Two souls
Two passions
Two visions.

The tracks
Of all the earth
For living.

Two spirits
Two travellers


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Christmas Day

This Christmas Day –
Joy it is to be alive
World of innocence
I drink in
Your blazing beauty.

This Christmas Day –
Gifts unwrapped
Earth breathing purity
I touch your grace
With grateful awe.

This Christmas Day –
Full-throated cries
Leap from ridge to bridge
I hear your music
Choir of contentment.

This Christmas Day –
A feast to treasure
The sacred bonds
In word and in song.

This Christmas Day –
Immersed in
Rich moments
Let the soul float
Light as a feather.

This Christmas Day –
Embrace true mirth
Of light
Laughter’s sweet balm.

This Christmas Day –
Giving and getting
What the heart
Cherish and keep. 

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I rest between your thighs
Drinking from your cup;
My tongue tracing your name,
The letters heading up.

I kiss your quivering breasts
Soft as velvet spread,
Fingers locked together,
Tenderness undead.

I love your liquid eyes,
Smiles rippling the brim,
A sea wherein fears melt,
Splendour stays undimmed.

I suck with tears of joy,
Your lips breathing fire;
As evening teases dawn,
The spinning of desire.

I marvel at this life,
Selves distinct as wine;
Blending separate notes,
Wonder is we, not mine.

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