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Notes On A Bench

A day like any other,
Miracles sing in the gifts of presence.
Billowing grass stroked by wind’s fingers.
Clouds scuttling across sky’s flighty canvas.
Birdsong springing in a melodious flow.
A day in which to observe
That to feel is better than to know.
The heart is a sponge
Soaked in summer’s glow,
Hungry for love.


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Desire for life
Is a wave
That ebbs and flows
On the shoreline
Of our searching minds.

Desire for sex
Is the rain
That floods and runs
On the map
Of our pulsing days.

Desire for peace
Is a wind
That gleams and streams
On the hills
Of our risen needs.

Desire for love
Is a sun
That flares and bursts
On the banks
Of our fragile hearts.

Desire for life
Desire for sex
Desire for peace
Desire for love

Reside in desire.

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I Raise A Glass

I raise a glass
To the setting sun,
Sunk in splendour.
Thankful for loving,
No curtain of tears
Can truly conceal.

Easy it is to feel
That what’s to come
Will give birth
To something purer,
A revelation of sorts. 

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Touching of minds
Desire awakened afresh
Stillness descends

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Your luminous smile
The turquoise sea.
Your courteous touch
The summer breeze.

Your steadfast light
The golden trees.
Your naked laugh
The autumn fruit.

Your cat-like poise
The snow-capped peaks.
Your flighty thoughts
The winter warmth.

Your emerald kiss
The giving earth.
Your twinkling eyes
The mirth of spring.

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What makes me happy?
Knowing that you are there.
That you exist, a free spirit
Over the horizon, gilded in light.

What makes me happy?
Dreaming of the day we shall dance,
Enmeshed like the trees’ branches
Frolicking in the breeze.

What makes me happy?
A word. A smile.Your flighty mind.
Alive to wonder, brimful and bountiful,
Industrious as a bee.

What makes me happy?
The thought of us by the sea
Making love without a care,
Cries hungry as the waves.

What makes me happy?
A bottle of red open for two,
Glasses kissed in moonlight,
The endless stream of laughter.

What makes me happy?
The whispering skin to skin,
Undressed of our public selves,
The love deep within.

What makes me happy?
The knowledge that you came,
Answering the heart’s tender call,
Soothing all pain out of sight.

What makes me happy?
You, dancing so free.

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Beneath the pregnant moon

I give you some words

And you give me

Your love

Free as the dove.


All night we sing

With our bodies,

While cats prowl


The lighted gardens

And owls keep sentry,

Over melting embraces

Skinning the night.


Rising from

Love’s heady


The new dawn

Dances clear


And flowers

Glint without


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