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Give and Take

Let’s dance

and not leave


to chance.

Let’s partake

and savour

the beauty

we create.

Let’s praise

the sacred

and the secular


Let’s eye

one another

and never say


Let’s spread

a kind of magic

when we lay

our weary heads.

Let’s write

with our tongues

and welcome

lovers’ light.

Let’s feel

as we blend

on the path

that stars reveal.

Let’s vow

to wonder

by living

in the now.

Let’s give

and take,

the chord proclaims:



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An afternoon by the river
where glasses tinkled
in carefree merriment,
voices swelled in liquid laughter,
all around bonhomie
spilling over
ignorant to private grief –
the cracked hands, the tears unplanned.

I listened as hard as I willed,
unravelling laid bare, sorrows stilled.
Holding your fingers, fragile and fair,
what solace could I offer?
What comfort unspooled?

Parting ways
on a bridge of concern,
light led you onwards,
and lips joined
and hearts leaped
deep in humanity’s heat.

An eternal song,
music of voices unbarred,
togetherness coalesced.

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Bread on the table.
Sunlight streams through
The open door, words flow
Natural and unforced
Like flowers glowing
In spring.

An hour or two passed;
Conversation, laughter,
Priceless gifts
That matter,
Alert to the present.

Concord reflected
In the wine’s golden glint;
Even if bodies rage,
Happiness stretches
Across the ages.

This river we wade
Awash with wonder,
Upon which strong bonds
Of friendship
Sparkle like silver.

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Pillow Talk

Would you, my dear?

What’s that, my dear?

You know, my dear.

I don’t, my dear.

Go on, my dear?

Not now, my dear.

Why not, my dear?

Too hot, my dear.

Oh no, my dear.

That’s right, my dear.

A shame, my dear.

I know, my dear

Let’s go, my dear?

Where to, my dear?

Don’t know, my dear.

Don’t go, my dear.

Why not, my dear?

Cooled down, my dear.

That’s grand, my dear.

Shall we, my dear?

Why not, my dear?

You’re scrumptious, my dear.

You’re divine, my dear.


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