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Summer Night

All is quiet, embalmed
in a roaring peace.
My heart jumping
at the glint of touch.
The stars throb
dreams flow and glow.


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Even Though

Even though
              I haven’t
Seen you
              For what feels
Like an age
              All my thoughts
They fly
               Like dancing stars
In a burning rage.

Even though
                Distance cleaves
In fiendish fright
                I often dream
Of simply being
                The two of us
Walking earthstruck
                Threaded by

Even though
                 Years have passed
Swallowed in reverie
                  A vision hums
Wedded to brightness
Drunk in lovers’ light. 

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Am I dreaming
      Of abundance
Immersed in
      The grace of you?

Am I seeing
      The path made flesh
A future
       Filled with allure?

Am I alert
       To joy and sorrow
The heart’s cup
        Renewed in wonder?

Am I certain
        About my words
Spun from crumbs
        Tinged with desire?

Am I attuned
         To every thrill
Surging deep
         The roar for more?

Am I waking
         To vibrant love
Perennial cheer
         From year to year?

Am I aware
          Am I aglow
                    Am I alive?

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I turn off

I turn off the light
Slip into the dark
Torn and forlorn
Searching the past.

Your hand arrives
Holding me tight
Soft as feathers
Flensing the fright.

Dawn approaches
Over the hill
Touch is a flame
A future to fill.

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You come to me in dreams,
a light that always gleams;
On every path I walk,
ensorcelled by your talk.

You come to me in mind,
a spell that gushes kind;
Greening my arid heart,
from touch do fountains start.

You come to me in need,
stating a sacred creed;
I read what you convey,
a beacon come what may.


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Tossing and turning

on life’s fragile raft,

dreams careen

into smithereens,

sucked dry

by the wind’s rage.

And I cry


old scenes

washed in




Seeking the light,

consoling fingers

cradling warmth,

I shudder

in the

rumpled bed.

A new world


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