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Can you hear
             The beauty
            Unfolding itself
            And godlike?

How lucky 
              We are 
To be alive
             Steeped in
              Rich vintage
Loving like 
              Animals untamed
How lucky
              We are
To be a part
                    Thinking spirits
In the wide
              Unshackled skies
And give rein 
             To our heart’s desire. 

How lucky
             To utter a prayer
              In harmony
Where rivers
              Run deep.

How lucky
             To give and get
How lucky
             You and I met.

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I listen to your voice
All night long,
Happily making notes
After every song.
By the time dawn arrives
In golden-tongued light,
Melodies blaze naked,
A holy kind of might.

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One day, you came

Into my life, a bright spark

Burning away moth-eaten days.

Out of the shadows you waltzed,

Wreathed in radiance

Stroking love’s

Ardent flames.

And I drank greedily

From your cup of bounty,

Grateful for this gift;

Hot tears kissing the earth

In joyful acceptance.

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