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Happy valentine’s
All you lovers and ravers
Saints and sinners
Dancers and chancers
Seekers and suckers
Possessed and dispossessed
Pristine and threadbare
Sane and insane
Tangled in the mundane
Lifted to a lighted plane.

Happy valentine’s
Run aground
Spring flecked.
Happy valentine’s
Safe as snails
In the grassy bourne.

Happy valentine’s
Bleed the “cri de coeur”
Bridging the blur
A thread of love
Unwinding desire.
Happy valentine’s
Time eats everything up
Get it while you live
Hug it in springtime
In summertime
And every other time
On hot nights
On cold nights
Feel it
See it
Hold it
Fragrance unbound. 



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What is your hair?
A river of peace
A tower of silk
A path of wonder
A stream of stars.

What are your eyes?
Orbs of delight
Jewels of joy
Windows of hope
A cradle of light.

What is your body?
A map of splendour
A text to be read
A mountain of dew
An ocean of fire.

What is your voice?
A song of laughter
A shower of pearls
An arrow of passion
A channel of love.

What is your touch?
A fount of energy
A canopy of comfort
A blaze of words
A glint of mint.

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You are the wave stroking the sand.
You are the tree whispering glee.
You are the breeze lifting the leaves.
You are the sun warming desire.
You are the moon nurturing love.
You are bliss with wings, hold my hand.

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Rich Feelings

On every hill I walk
There course many thoughts;
Springing to life,
Ablaze and urgent,
Fragrance unbound.

Borne by the breeze
Passion cries her song,
Giving sweet breath;
In nature’s creatures
Rich feelings resound.

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Night Fever

Stifled by hot desire

I stagger drunkenly

To the window


By Love’s heavy



Letting in the wind

Fanning the thickened


Body unhinged

By fever’s scalding



I give thanks for


Glittering presence.



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December Walk

Brecon and Monmouthshire Canal in Winter


Stepping soft on the snow-strewn path,

Earth’s song stunned, by the wintry drum

Save for branches that heave and hum.

Awed I stand, whittled by the blast


That shivers and shrieks to the core.

Frosted grace slides into place,

Until sun’s bounty shows her face

Nursing the world, weathered and raw.


How kind the elements couple,

Meeting of minds singing in sync;

Frost and heat, siblings on a link

Melting tune that is so supple.

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We need to embrace fire

Before these desires tire


We need to embrace earth

Taste the essence of mirth


We need to embrace air

Flee this dusty dank lair


We need to embrace water

Life’s holiest daughter


We need to embrace laughter

For now and hereafter


We need to embrace kindness

Shield us from hollow blindness


We need to embrace charity

If we want to share parity


We need to embrace love

To crack this chain above.


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