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Your Name

Your name is a charm
I wear in my heart.

Your name is the wind
In which desires start.

Your name is the sun
Where sorrows depart.

Your name is colour
Everlasting art.

Your name is a song
That sweetens the past.

Your name is beauty,
A blessing, not in part.

Your name is a kiss
Blowing this spark.


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Kisses fed by toil –
Lingering blessing.

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Desire for life
Is a wave
That ebbs and flows
On the shoreline
Of our searching minds.

Desire for sex
Is the rain
That floods and runs
On the map
Of our pulsing days.

Desire for peace
Is a wind
That gleams and streams
On the hills
Of our risen needs.

Desire for love
Is a sun
That flares and bursts
On the banks
Of our fragile hearts.

Desire for life
Desire for sex
Desire for peace
Desire for love

Reside in desire.

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Two hands
Two hearts
Two minds
Two silences
Two bodies
Two laughters
Two souls
Two passions
Two visions.

The tracks
Of all the earth
For living.

Two spirits
Two travellers

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Love Letters: Part 2

I shall always stay awake for you.

You are the vine that never withers.

Bathing with you in a waterfall of light.

Together on a peak,
Wonders never cease.

You are the freshness of a forest glade,
You are the lightness lighting the dawn.

Floating in the clutch of your embrace.

Knowing you are mine is what connects me to the divine.

Do not despair
What is to come
Love shall bear.

The sadness won’t last,
There are days to fill.
Strengthened in love’s flow,
The touch and the thrill. 

You teach me the way of enchantment. For this, my gratitude is infinite.

Forgive me if I make some notes – I need to make sense of your glittering speech.

You fall into my palm like a gift from nature.

I love the way you smile – it’s a beacon that glows for miles and miles.

Every hour

It’s all in the give and take
The devotion we create;
It’s all in the little things,
Wherein gratitude sings.

You are the sun that never sets
You are the moon that always glows
You are the wind that sings and sings
You are the earth kissed with joy.

There is nothing that can extinguish the light you emit.

There you are
Here I am
Amour flows
Hand to hand.

How can I express my affection?
With words, tears, gestures –
Blissful connection.

I want to take you to a place
Where the air casts
A shimmering spell,
Music hums with
Limpid abandon,
And intimacy flowers
In the shedding of words.


Sweeter than all the flowers in the world is inhaling the fragrance of you.

Let’s make music with our bodies.

Whatever you crave,  I will give.

Such sprightly bedfellows: connection and affection.

How can I succumb to fear as long as you appear?

Walking together,
Fresh horizons on the rise;
             Vows stressed,


It’s never too late to inscribe on our hearts what we have hitherto suppressed.

Waking with you
The world aglow 
Expectant delight.

What life-affirming radiance you emit!

I wonder if you think of me when I think of you, and, if you do, what wonders swim into view.

Your name is a charm I wear in my heart.

Rest awhile and simply smile.

Enthralled by the infectious vivacity you exude.

I don’t think of you much – except on days ending with “y”.

Can we resist the irresistible sweetness  of desire?

Let’s not descend into dust before we have expressed what it is we must.

If you were a map, I would never stop reading you.

Did I ever mention how you fill me with ecstasy?

When I can’t see you,  what keeps me eager is your twinkling luminescence.

If I could bottle you, my happiness would be infinite.

I am all yours
For now
And evermore.

True love hath no ending; it is a channel eternally replenished by the cleansing dew of amity and desire.

Your voice is an instrument that heartens  my soul.

When all is said and done, I remain grateful for love lost and won.

Words flow heart to heart,
Softly-sprung, wonders start.

All that concerns me is your happiness.

Are you singing the same song as me?

Oh to be with you – naked, unadorned – living in joyful simplicity.

What is there to talk about except everything?

Between you and me
Marvels bloom
And sparkle…

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Love Letters


Stillness descends

The faint hum of bees

Circling the flowers,

You engulfing me.



I love you for your style,

Nothing less, nothing more.



You make me happy.

Happy as summer,

Bursting with colour.



No need for words

Just the wind and the murmur

Of your touch.



A golden dawn

Nurtured in tender kindness –

Open to love’s breeze.



Moonlit magic

On the cusp of loving –

Words ripple and sway.



From night’s fragments

Brokenness healed afresh-

Whispers made whole.



That sense of joy that comes from the unexpected gift

Never diminishes.



I remain astonished by the brilliance of your light, a firefly in the

Midst of life.



Nothing can ever fall into place until we touch each other with our

Bodies and our minds.



That moment when the world slips away and all my senses focus upon

You, repeats itself as the hours tick by.



Even in those moments of quietude, the conversation is sparkling, a cup bursting with exuberance.



Your love, pure as the Summer sky, ripe as Autumn fruit, fresh as the

Winter dawn, fecund as Spring’s growth, invigorating as the sea breeze.

Your love, potent and potable, undying fire.



Feeding upon your light, the sweet mysteries of earth are eternally replenished.



In the space between night and day, there you blaze, burning away the haze.



The music of your voice holds me in thrall.



Scatter the past, serenade the present, and dance along the emerald path into a luminous future.



Unfurl your hand

And understand

That love travels

From land to land.



Open the window and hear earth’s spirits singing of transcendent sex.



Don’t cry for the past that has flown,

Love lives in a place to be known.



Your voice on the mountain,

A sacred fountain;

Your laughter in the trees,

Lightened by the breeze.



We meet in our minds and our flesh,

See how the world glistens afresh.



What I love

Is to sit

With you

Stare, simply




Love bubbles

A wellspring

Of wonder


Body and soul


New dawn.



Only your love to scatter the sorrow,

Only your joy to welcome the morrow.



You never forget those moments that make you smile,

A blanket of peace enveloping the soul.

You never forget the laughter and the tears,

The lighted hopes of the eager heart.

You never forget the touch and the loving,

Renewed by joy, kindred visions.



Let’s grow young together.



The night it shines so bright

Our love gives breath to light

The day it gives us space

To revel in all this grace.



Let’s feast on all the joy there is to savour.



Gratitude is the glue that keeps me entwined with the spirit of you.



I want to give you

My self unadorned.

I want to taste you

Within and without

I want you.



No more words now – let’s kiss and swim in this lake of togetherness.



Riding the sorrows

Stepping here to there

Luminous visions

Coming up for air.



I want to kiss the dew from your thighs.

I want to see you shiver with surprise

And watch hope waltz through the frontiers.



Your beauty


Like a butterfly

Gilded by the sun

Lightness undone.



Wandering through this glittering world

Wondering when we can just kiss and curl.



From sea to mountain, you are my fountain.

From valley to peak, you are my heat.



You never forget those little acts of kindness.

Like moments of stunning splendour, they stay

Etched on the heart forever.



Beauty is the song I know

Beauty is the way to go

Beauty is beneath and above

Beauty is the print of love.



In the deep midwinter, when darkness is at its deepest, consider

The spark waiting to be found.



The hour it gives us time

To see our bodies rhyme.

This beat where we belong

As words slide into song.

The years spell a tune

Invoking earth and moon.

The terror falls away

In amorous array.



What matter seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years – when all of time flows towards thee?



I gaze and gaze at your unquenchable thirst, a blossoming ready to burst.



Turn the page and we’ll pen a story studded with stars and loveliness.



Love is like tea,

A warming way to serenity.



Knowing you live upon this earth fills me with unfettered zest.



Numerous are the ways in which I am joyously uplifted by your presence.



Wherever I step, memories glow in the sky – they never fade.



In daylight and twilight, this desire pulses bright.



The kindness of your smile is what keeps me from sinking into the abyss.



I quiver beneath your hungry lips.



This heart rises on the wings of desire,

Strengthened by love’s incandescent fire.



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January Light

Thrilled by the winter light,
I walk miles and miles
Immersed in heavenly sights
Coming from all angles

Into my quivering self.
Bright and bitter is this world,
But look beyond the mask
And the joy surging unfurled.

This is the truth to kiss and drink,
A tonic to banish the blues;
In your arms I relish and think,
Skin on skin, sailing through.

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