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My Love

I love you more than all the wonders that light up the night sky.
I love you with a passion that burns
my very core.
You are my light, my darkness,
my sweat, my tears.
I love you like a tiger in heat,
An animal lust covered in silk.
You are my milk, my water, 
my nourishment, my skin.
I love every inch of you
Bathed in sunlight and sex.
On the shores of silence and peace
I find your fingers outstretched,
All your natural gifts unfurled, 
Uncoiled in warm temptation; 
Carrying the green delight of days,
Dancing through pain, into a verdant realm.
I love you with vulnerable hands –
Your hair, your eyes, your breasts,
your spring,
Your laughter, your touch, your voice,  your gaze.
Time cannot blunt this ardent appetite,
Like a perpetual flame it burns,
Burnished by the glow of your
radiant mind.
I love you near and afar,
my imperishable star.


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Mar 19, 2016 · 9:31 pm


The footprints we leave
burnished bright
in mystical light.

Winter’s breath
chills the marrow,
while in the wings

Spring awaits
bubbling and buoyant,
spelling increase.


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Love’s Enchantment

You make my heart dance

Deep mystery in the glance

Through love we are made

Bright beauty unlocks the shade.


Truth does not wither

On the vine, light comes hither

Casting a pure glow

On thoughts in the undertow.

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