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Love is the only thing one should live for.
Love is the only thing one should consider.
Love is the pill that soothes ancient sorrows.
Love is a wave that carries us to new worlds.
Love is warmth for the jaded soul.
Love is a cloak to be worn in all seasons.
Love is light,  illuminating the darkness.
Love is touch, linking heart to heart.
Love is an ocean, wherein happiness may flow.
Love is the sun, the moon, the wind, the stars.
Love is a force composed of parts.


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Catch this kiss as it flies,
truth melted in surprise;
Lifted by laughter’s wings,
ecstasy always sings.

Held by a soft embrace,
sighs fold in tender grace;
What flickers through the night
is you and your luscious light.

Day comes with eager feet,
a landscape in which to greet –
displacing heavy air,
your form gleams everywhere.

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