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My love will come and hold me
without questions or doubt, tenderly.
She will soothe and speak freely
beyond the reef of greed in a clement sea
where wine and flowers swim peacefully.
My love will withstand iniquity
and rise above time’s piercing plea
and travel on the plane of liberty.
She will spring with abundant glee,
my love, and undress with wild esprit.


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Can you hear
             The beauty
            Unfolding itself
            And godlike?

How lucky 
              We are 
To be alive
             Steeped in
              Rich vintage
Loving like 
              Animals untamed
How lucky
              We are
To be a part
                    Thinking spirits
In the wide
              Unshackled skies
And give rein 
             To our heart’s desire. 

How lucky
             To utter a prayer
              In harmony
Where rivers
              Run deep.

How lucky
             To give and get
How lucky
             You and I met.

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​Come sit with me
Love and drink some tea
We’ll laugh and dance
Give in to liberty.

Come sit with me
Revel in mystery
We’ll leap and sing
Of all there is to see.

Come sit with me
By the rippling sea
We’ll build a fire
Marvel in felicity.

Come sit with me
Relish tenderly. 

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Everyday Miracle

A butterfly crossed my path today,
Fragile simplicity on the loop.
An everyday miracle, some might say,
Nothing else of import occurred.
Just this moment of brilliance,
Given weight in the dancing light,
To keep terror’s sharp lance at bay.

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The messages we wrote
from distant lands no longer
blaze with gifts they held;
Rather they denote
how easily words conceal
desire from intention,
drifting into unanchored space.

Silence is the moat
guarding unaligned eyes.
Over this foolish pageant,
ravens ride the current
circling a new freedom.

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I remember that time
Beneath the glowing moon
Drowning in sorrow,
How your gaze blazed
And kept me afloat.

Looking back now,
With a wistful eye
Mining the folds of time,
Truth dances
Out of the dark.

Beneath this sea of memory,
The current flows
Radiant and free.


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Je Suis


You may kill
With craven
But ideas dance
Forever free.

You may tear
The unarmed
But thought burns,

You may act
For a twisted
But you will wail
In the cold.

You may quash
What you believe
But this is life,
Terror can’t rend.

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