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Season to season

The hungry soul fed by

Naked blessings.


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There’s Not A Day

There’s not a day
When I don’t think
About you.
Your smile, your touch,
Your raucous laughter,
Tears singing in the wind.

There’s not a day,
Just pages of memories
Torn from life’s scrapbook
Seared afresh in recollection.
There’s not a day
When I don’t think
About you.

It’s all gone,
Lost in the well of time.
All I have now
Is this beating heart,
Furrowed, fevered, firelit.

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Once More

Light will dance
Hope will blossom
Merriment shall appear
Glorious surprise.
The colours will vibrate
Laughter will ring
In a tremulous peal,
Singing songs of joy,
Unclouded by doubt.

Love will come
Through the open door
Hold on, hold on
Cry out for more.
From shackles of woe
The mind shall leap
Spinning, spinning
In a blaze of fire.

Let kindness be
Your prayerbook
And look, look
With a pulsing heart. 


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Kindness is your spell
Tears washed in reverence –
Light unpins the heart. 


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You let me handle your hair,
It felt so good;
A river of gold
Kissing the soul.

And now you’re gone,
Vivacious spirit
Pirouetting along
The avenues of life.

Taking your scent
               I cling on
To the little things –

Sunrise stroking the trees
Words remembered
Flowers bursting in Spring.

The tenderness of love. 


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Love Letters: Part 2

I shall always stay awake for you.

You are the vine that never withers.

Bathing with you in a waterfall of light.

Together on a peak,
Wonders never cease.

You are the freshness of a forest glade,
You are the lightness lighting the dawn.

Floating in the clutch of your embrace.

Knowing you are mine is what connects me to the divine.

Do not despair
What is to come
Love shall bear.

The sadness won’t last,
There are days to fill.
Strengthened in love’s flow,
The touch and the thrill. 

You teach me the way of enchantment. For this, my gratitude is infinite.

Forgive me if I make some notes – I need to make sense of your glittering speech.

You fall into my palm like a gift from nature.

I love the way you smile – it’s a beacon that glows for miles and miles.

Every hour

It’s all in the give and take
The devotion we create;
It’s all in the little things,
Wherein gratitude sings.

You are the sun that never sets
You are the moon that always glows
You are the wind that sings and sings
You are the earth kissed with joy.

There is nothing that can extinguish the light you emit.

There you are
Here I am
Amour flows
Hand to hand.

How can I express my affection?
With words, tears, gestures –
Blissful connection.

I want to take you to a place
Where the air casts
A shimmering spell,
Music hums with
Limpid abandon,
And intimacy flowers
In the shedding of words.


Sweeter than all the flowers in the world is inhaling the fragrance of you.

Let’s make music with our bodies.

Whatever you crave,  I will give.

Such sprightly bedfellows: connection and affection.

How can I succumb to fear as long as you appear?

Walking together,
Fresh horizons on the rise;
             Vows stressed,


It’s never too late to inscribe on our hearts what we have hitherto suppressed.

Waking with you
The world aglow 
Expectant delight.

What life-affirming radiance you emit!

I wonder if you think of me when I think of you, and, if you do, what wonders swim into view.

Your name is a charm I wear in my heart.

Rest awhile and simply smile.

Enthralled by the infectious vivacity you exude.

I don’t think of you much – except on days ending with “y”.

Can we resist the irresistible sweetness  of desire?

Let’s not descend into dust before we have expressed what it is we must.

If you were a map, I would never stop reading you.

Did I ever mention how you fill me with ecstasy?

When I can’t see you,  what keeps me eager is your twinkling luminescence.

If I could bottle you, my happiness would be infinite.

I am all yours
For now
And evermore.

True love hath no ending; it is a channel eternally replenished by the cleansing dew of amity and desire.

Your voice is an instrument that heartens  my soul.

When all is said and done, I remain grateful for love lost and won.

Words flow heart to heart,
Softly-sprung, wonders start.

All that concerns me is your happiness.

Are you singing the same song as me?

Oh to be with you – naked, unadorned – living in joyful simplicity.

What is there to talk about except everything?

Between you and me
Marvels bloom
And sparkle…


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I think
Of you
In laughter.

I think
Of you
Is better
Than never.

I think
Of you
No words
Can make
Us martyrs.

I think
Of you
As flowers
Adding weight
To hours. 



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